Episode 103

Josh Peck on Transcending Childhood Trauma, Hollywood Secrets, Losing 70 Pounds, and Actionable Steps Toward Self Love

A thoughtful conversation about what it means to live a “good” life.

Today, my guest is the amazing Josh Peck. You might recognize Josh from the many movies and TV shows he’s been in, including The Wackness with Ben Kingsley, Red Dawn with Chris Hemsworth, his regular guest starring role on The Mindy Project, and more recently in How I Met Your Father, and of course, he starred as the Josh of the title in the Nickelodeon phenomenon Drake & Josh. He also shares incredibly funny content on social media, where he has more than 32 million followers across platforms, and he has a new, beautiful book called Happy People Are Annoying, which comes out March 15 and I HIGHLY recommend—it’s available wherever books are sold. On this episode, we talk about:

  • why he wrote a book and what his writing process looked like
  • his advice to anyone who wants to pursue a creative project
  • what it means to live a “good” life
  • how he overcame his childhood trauma and forgave his absent father
  • how he transcended negative relationship patterns
  • how he went from hating to forgiving his younger self
  • how he lost 70 pounds and the surprising ways it impacted his self-perception
  • what sparked his weight loss and why in that moment it finally stuck
  • his relationship with his body now, working in the very image-conscious world of Hollywood
  • why he started using drugs (and how ultimately he quit them)
  • behind the scenes from life on set in Hollywood, including a life changing moment with Judd Apatow
  • how he learned to love himself (including actionable, pragmatic steps to follow)
  • his morning routine to stay mentally grounded and positive
  • how fame and wealth have impacted his happiness
  • 2 genius pieces of advice for finding success on social media

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