Episode 26

Monique from Ambitious Kitchen AND Jeanine From Love & Lemons: How To ACTUALLY Make Your Dream Life & Career Happen

Monique from Ambitious Kitchen AND Jeanine From Love & Lemons: How To ACTUALLY Make Your Dream Life & Career Happen

I have not one but two amazing guests for you today—Monique Volz from Ambitious Kitchen and Jeanine Donofrio from Love and Lemons. They’re both incredibly successful food bloggers, and Monique is also the woman behind the vintage rug company Ambitious Home. Jeanine, meanwhile, has written two best-selling (and gorgeously designed!) cookbooks—Love & Lemons and Love & Lemons Everyday. Beyond that, though, they’re lovely, wonderful people who’ve managed how to balance having an amazing career and an amazing life.

I sat down with them to record a live episode at my Chicago book tour stop (although unlike other book tour stops, this is more of a traditional interview—although I chime in at the end to answer audience questions!). I called this the “How To ACTUALLY Make Your Dream Life & Career Happen” episode because I grilled both women about exactly that: how they financially made it work to quit their full time jobs to pursue their dreams, how they knew what their passion was, how to create content that resonates with audiences, how to find your passion (even if you’re not sure what it is!!), how to network and make friends in your community, and so much more. If you’ve ever thought about pursuing a passion-based career, this is a must-listen to episode—and if you just love Jeanine and Monique (who doesn’t?) I think you’ll love getting to know them on a deeper level too.

Definitely tag all three of us (@lizmoody, @loveandlemons, and @ambitiouskitchen) with your feedback or thoughts on the episode, and any other questions you’d like us to answer!


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Healthier Together cover art by Zack.  Healthier Together music by Alex Ruimy.

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