2021 healthier together holiday gift guide

I often brag joke that Leos are the best at giving the perfect holiday gifts (it’s not a competition, but we’re winning.) This year, my Healthier Together podcast annual gift guide is guaranteed to make you MVP of the season. It’s based on the 6 categories from my Healthier Together deck and will make gift giving more personal, thoughtful, and playful. It’s all the stuff that passes the vibe check while aiming to create the healthiest, happiest life for the cool people in yours. For full details on everything listed, listen to the full episode on the pod

The Healthier Together Conversation Deck

healthier together deck

Obviously, this gift gets the #1 spot on the list! It’s hands-down the most refreshing way to build intimacy, explore all facets of each other’s personality (and your own), and bond with family, new friends, old friends, romantic partners, coworkers, and even complete strangers. The deck includes 150 interactive cards that span the 6 categories you’ll discover below: adventure, love, wealth, growing up, what if, and well-being. This essential stocking stuffer is $25 and going fast!


Dandelion Chocolate Tasting

It’s an interactive Zoom class (led by a chocolate pro) where you taste and learn about all things chocolate! Specifically, the flavor families of five, single-origin chocolate bars from Colombia, Dominican Republic, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, and Ecuador. Starting at $70

Creosote Bush Shower Hanging Bundle 

creosote bush shower bundle

I will not shower without this shower bundle – and you shouldn’t either! Handmade from all natural herbs like wildflower, chaparral, sage, eucalyptus and lavender, this energy cleansing creosote bush releases the smell of desert rain into your steamy shower. Cue the deep inhales. Starting at $14

Plant Based Ice Cream, Delivered  

frankie and jo's plant based ice cream

Founded with a mission to make ice cream a health food and our community less dependent on animal products. Super cute packing and trendy flavors to obsess over, like the Supercookies and Cream which is an actual childhood dream come true. Starting at $14

Pendleton Spa Towel 

pendleton spa towel

I bring this towel ev-e-ry-where. From the beach to the pool to the hot springs, it’s one of my adventure essentials because it’s environmentally friendly, super soft, and gorgeously designed. Starting at $49

Nomadica Wine Adventure Pack 

Nomadica wine adventure pack

Zack and I love an at-home wine tasting! Choose your adventure, like a date night or celebration, with occasion-matching wine selections from vintners known for their quality and sustainable farming practices. All packaged in original artist-designed cans, which make for really cute decor pieces. Starting at $44.

Model Bakery English Muffins 

model bakery english muffins

If you’ve never had an English muffin from Model Bakery, which was founded in St. Helena, California by a mom and daughter duo, then you’ve never REALLY had an english muffin. Let me sum it up: airy, focaccia-style dough. Griddle-fried in ghee until puffy. Dusty with cornmeal. Favorited by Oprah. Starting at $39. 

NYShuk Middle Eastern Spice Collection  

NYShuk middle eastern spice collection

A seven-piece set of middle eastern spices at their ultimate best – like lightyears ahead of what you would find at the grocery store! I am obsessed with their handcrafted blends like Shawarma, Baharat, Ras El Hanout, Sumac, Za’atar, Hawaij and Kafe Hawaij. Starting at $64.

Colombiana Cookbook 

colombiana cookbook

This vibrant and visually stunning cookbook takes you right to the heart of one of my favorite countries, Colombia. From recipes to rituals and culture to stories, home chefs will love crafting food that nourishes the body and the soul. Starting at $29. 

Dada Eats Plant Based Cookbook 

dada eats cookbook

Say it with me – eating well doesn’t mean boring food! My good friend and author of this cookbook, Samah Dada, totally nails that in her foodie ventures. You might remember her from this Healthier Together podcast episode! Her Indian-inspired, anti-inflammatory recipes help home chefs of all levels discover how to use healthy ingredients for maximum flavor and joy. Starting at $18

Bose Portable Waterproof Speaker 

bose portable waterproof speaker

So the ones you love can take their love of music everywhere from mountain hikes to dinner parties. The SoundLink Flex speaker holds a charge and is waterproof and dust-proof! Starting at $150. 


Canopy Humidifier with Aromatherapy 

canopy humidifier

For healthy skin and a healthier immune system, this humidifier is extra awesome because it has aromatherapy packs that go with it. Starting at $125.

Silk Robe 

silk robe

The cutest kimono to lounge around the house in. Love this brand extra because it’s high quality silk charmeuse but can still be machine washed! Starting at $43. 

Blue Light Reading Light 

blue light reading light

All the ambiance of a soft-lit candle, none of the dangers of falling asleep with a lit candle. It’s the perfect gift for late-night book worms! Starting at $16. 

Kyoto CBD Gummies  

kyoto CBD gummies

I’m in love with how healthy these CBD gummies are and how great they make me feel. Plus, they offer an on-the-go pack which makes it so easy to get relaxed and bust anxiety wherever I am! Starting at $8. Use code HEALTHIERTOGETHER for 25% off! 

Splendid Spoon 10-Pack of Soups 

splendid spoon 10-pack of soups

The only healthy meal delivery you need – delicious, veggie-packed soups and grain bowls that literally make me feel less stressed when I have them stocked in my fridge. Always gluten-free, plant based, non-GMO, and delicious. Starting at $80

Blume Superfood Latte Bundle 

blume superfood latte bundle

Cozy, healthy drinks are basically a love language. I love all of Blume’s seasonal flavors so much, which is why I recommend the holiday bundle with Mint Cocoa, Gingerbread, and Candy Cane that taste just like dessert. Starting at $65. 

Abercrombie Sweatshirt 

abercrombie sweatshirt

The comfiest crew neck ever, which has definitely leveled up my lounge attire. It’s a little over-size, which I love, and the split hem makes it oh-so-cute. The only hard part? Choosing between Pink Floyd or Grateful Dead. Starting at $49. 


Moss Art 

moss art

These air purifying plant designs and moss walls are in the prettiest round frames. I love the rainforest, fluid flow, mossy mountain, and forest floor designs, but think the coastal growth design would be especially nice this year. Starting at $118

Supernatural Healthy Sprinkles 

supernatural healthy sprinkles

My favorite way to make nutritionally-rich desserts look super cute. I love the idea of gifting this with a mason jar filled with the dry ingredients for my healthy hot chocolate mug cake! Sprinkles start at $8. 

Sprinkles Reusable Baking Mat 

sprinkles reusable baking mat

The most adorable silicone baking mat, which will help save the environment while helping all your cookies, biscuits, candies, scones, and roasted vegetables turn out perfectly. Starting at $9. 

Taylor Swift Candles 

taylor swift candles

The Taylor Swift fans in your life are missing something: the perfect lyric-inspired aromas to go along with their jam sessions. The Tis the Damn Season candle seems like an appropriate choice. Starting at $30

The Anthropocene Reviewed 

the anthropocene reviewed

The latest book from one of my favorite authors and podcast hosts. It’s funny. It’s complex. It’s rich with detail about our human-centered planet and reasons to care about it. Starting at $17. 


Oura Ring 

oura ring

A gorgeous smart ring to provide your favorite people with extremely personalized health insights. Plus 24/7 heart rate monitoring, sleep analysis, and so much more. Starting at $299. 

Joovv Portable Light Therapy 

joovv portable light therapy

This handheld cutie helps you add healthy light to your life wherever you’re at – boosting cellular function and overall wellness with red and near infrared therapies. Starting at $545. 

Charly Goss Closet Overhaul 

charly goss closet overhaul

I love a gift that keeps on giving. My good friend/fashion expert Charly Goss (who you might remember from this podcast episode) will help you create a streamlined, cohesive wardrobe that you’ll feel confident about for years to come! Starting at $941

Higher Dose Sauna Blanket 

higher dose sauna blanket

It’s basically a wellness spa meets Netflix-n-chill vibes. This infrared sauna blanket is beyond cool because it detoxifies the body, relaxes the mind, boosts your mood, promotes glowing skin, and (wait for it) gets you high naturally from stoking feel-good chemicals in the brain – all from your bed. Starting at $499. 

Ettitude Sateen Sheet Set 

ettitude sateen sheet set

It’s the gift of slipping into a satiny soft bed with a celebratory fist in the air because you’re also saving the planet. These environmentally-awesome bamboo sheets use 500x less water and produce 52% less emissions. Starting at $198. 

Airocide Aria Air Purifier 

airocide aria air purifier

This is my all-time favorite air purifier! It’s a smidge pricey because it was developed for NASA, but if it’s good enough for astronauts then it’s good enough for the people I’m giving gifts to this year. Out of everywhere we’ve lived, it’s helped our home stay clear from everything from wildfire smoke to urban pollution to viruses, mold, and bacteria. Starting at $1,600. Use code LIZ600 for $600 off. 

Barefoot Dreams In the Wild Throw Blanket 

barefoot dreams in the wild throw blanket

Tis the season for around-the-clock cuddling. Every homebody I know is obsessed with Barefoot Dreams – they’re the champagne of throw blankets. I love the Stone/Cream color palette for neutral decor, but all of the colors are truly amazing! Starting at $180.  

Her First 100K Back to Basics Course 

her first 100k back to basics course

This course is a total game-changer for learning to *adult* aka manage your personal finances. I love how Tori Dunlap, international money and career expert, uses great memes and her sense of humor to dive deep into your money goals. She’s like a smart friend, life coach, and business advisor in one, and if there’s someone you want to help THRIVE next year, this course is a great gift idea. Starting at $97


Resore Face Towels 

This is the most advanced, medically-graded face wash cloth and it’s AMAZING! It’s made incredibly well with antibacterial and hypoallergenic fabrics that stay nice and clean so your skin can too. Less breakouts. Less laundry. More happy dancing. Starting at $35

Act and Acre Hair Mask 

This science-backed hair mask is practically magic. It gets two thumbs up from the Princeton Lab Clinical Trial for its scalp build-up removal and two thumbs up from me because it makes my hair super soft and soothed, like instantly. Check out the science behind it on their website. Starting at $27

Girlfriend Collective Sweatsuit 

girlfriend collective sweatsuit

I’m a fan of this brand because they care about where their materials come from and how they’re made as equally as how cute they look. Literally every part of their process is eco-friendly and human-friendly, guaranteeing fair wages, safe and healthy conditions, and zero forced or child labor in their facilities. Starting at $78 for pants and $88 for tops!

Scalp Scrubber

scalp scrubber

POV: you’re at the hair salon and the stylist massages your scalp real good. That feeling is why I love using this scalp scrubber on wet and dry hair – plus its silicone bristles deep clean and exfoliate the scalp, which is so important for healthy, shiny, and soft hair! Starting at $7. 

 Dally Goods Soap Set 

dally goods soap set

The three scents in this soap set take you into nature in three, unique time zones! These soaps are my sudsy go-to on Self Care Sundays, and they are totally free from synthetic ingredients, colorants, artificial fragrances, parabens and toxins. Starting at $56. 

Vanessa Marin’s Sex Position Playbook

vanessa marin sex positions playbook

Trying new positions is a GREAT way to connect as partners and rekindle the spark. Zack and I LOVE this playbook on how to be more adventurous and passionate in the bedroom, which is written by the amazing sex therapist and licensed psychotherapist, Vanessa Marin. If you want more NSFW details, check out my full podcast episode where we GO THERE. Playbook starting at $149

Dame Lube 

dame lube

The ultimate “they’ll thank you later” present. This organic, aloe-based lube is made from natural plant extracts, formulated to match the body’s natural pH, and free of glycerin, parabens, hormones and sugars! Starting at $18. Use code HealthierTogether for a discount!

Dieux Forever Eye Mask  

Featured as a winner of ELLE Beauty, SELF Healthy Beauty Awards, BYRIDE Eco Beauty, and on Cosmopolitan’s Holy Grail list because it a) maximizes your eye-masking efforts and b) cuts down on waste. Even after like 50 uses they work like they’re brand new and really help with fine lines and dark circles. Starting at $25. 

Elaia Perfume

elaia perfume no. 11

The No. 11 scent is my absolute favorite. It’s like if vanilla and cardamom had a baby with ylang ylang and oak moss. Starting at $42

Olive & June Mini Mani Set 

olive and june mini mani set

The best way to say “I love our friendship” is with a classic girls night in. 4 festive mini polishes. 3 adorable sticker packs. 1 super glossy top coat. 0 bad vibes. Gift it with an organic bottle of wine and the HT Conversation Deck! Nail set starting at $30

Mariposa Necklace 

mariposa necklace

A vintage Chanel pendant on a 14k gold plated chain makes for my absolute favorite accessory. It instantly elevates any outfit (even loungewear – I can confirm). Plus, it’s repurposed which makes it even cooler. Starting at $95


The Legacy Journal 

the legacy journal

The best way to turn your memories into keepsakes. This Legacy Journal is ALMOST as awesome as going back in time and frolicking through your childhood. I really love the gold-foil lettering and marbled exterior so I can keep this out on my nightstand for vibey aesthetics and as a reminder to reflect! Starting at $50.

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