The 2022 Healthier Together holiday gift guide has arrived! I’ve created five, curated gift guides for all kinds of people in your life, like the ones who are sober curious, always up for an adventure, super ambitious, always stylish, and happy homebodies. This health and wellness gift guide includes carefully-selected items that I’ve hunted down throughout the year at a range of prices, from splurge-worthy to budget-friendly. These are the kind of gifts that aim to make the people you love say, “where’d you get this?!” and “wow, you know me so well.” Take a scroll, and listen to the full podcast episode to hear exactly why each item made the list!

This is our third edition of the Healthier Together holiday gift guide! If you listened to this year’s Healthier Together Podcast gift guide episode, you know this list has some immaculate product recommendations. Plus, this year we created five core categories based off of personality types to make it super easy to shop for the people in your life.

Gift-giving is my number one love language. All year long, I’m thinking of you guys and logging these gift ideas in my notes app as I come across them. Basically, any wellness product that I’m absolutely obsessed with throughout the year goes in this gift guide.

Before you dive in, know that there’s a lot of ways to approach gift giving in your life. I think there’s a lot of pressure to do gift giving with material things, and I really encourage you to find a style of gift giving that feels really good to you–be it material, experiential, or something else entirely! Take a scroll and explore all of the gifts in each guide that have truly wowed me this year! I hope you love these as much as I do. Enjoy. xo, Liz!

For the person who’s sober curious:

Acid League Taster Set

If you’ve tried any of my digestive mocktail recipes, you know that apple cider vinegar is the key to making flavorful and healthy mocktails at home.

Use code BF25 for 25% off to take advantage of their Black Friday sale!

The New New Age Tea

What’s arguably better than a glass of wine to wind down after work? A warm pot of herbal tea from the New New Age Tea. I discovered them in Canada and am obsessed with pretty much every tea in their line. Their loose leaf tea is extremely high quality and their branding and packaging is amazing (which is what makes it such a cute present).

Cold Brew / Tea Carafe

I am absolutely obsessed with this tea carafe that doubles as a cold brew coffee maker! I found it on Amazon this year after researching tea solutions that I could brew my tea in, be really easy to clean, and be re-heatable. This product has single-handedly changed my tea drinking experience!

Square Wine Glasses

Drinking out of beautiful glasses is a way to make drinking non-alcoholic drinks feel really, really special. And Crate & Barrel’s square wine glasses just make everything you drink out of them, whether it’s kombucha or Spindrift or actual wine and feel elevated.

Vintage Cocktail Glasses

So many of you adored the cocktail glasses I used in this mocktail recipe, and I think there’s something to be said about ritualizing the experience of drinking feel really lovely. It’s critical to not feeling like you’re missing out by not including alcohol in your lifestyle. So, these beautiful, vintage cocktail glasses are a great gift in this category.

The Raunchier Together Deck

Have you’ve been wondering where all of the R-rated questions from the original Healthier Together Deck went??? My brand-new Raunchier Together Deck is the adult party game to build intimacy and let loose. It includes ~spicy~ questions about confessions, dares, fantasies, and more (plus 25 quick, debauchery-inducing games!) It’s designed for use with and without alcohol, so it’s perfect for the sober curious person on your list. 

Virtual Cooking Class by Serena Wolf

Serena Wolf, a trained chef that’s also my close friend, has an amazing cooking club that offers virtual cooking classes! They are absolutely incredible. She has such a wonderful, fun personality, and then she also teaches all sorts of amazing cooking techniques that she learned from her education at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. You’ll end up with beautiful meals that fuel a love for cooking.

Foot Massage Gift Certificate

One of the best ways to relax at the end of a long day with friends and without alcohol is with a foot massage. A 30-minute massage is basically the price of two to three cocktails, and it is so relaxing. And you can still sit and chat with friends, if you want, in lieu of hitting up happy hour.

Cold Plunge/Sauna Gift Certificate

Another way I love to relax at the end of the day is doing a sauna or a cold plunge. It’s proven to benefit relaxation, hormone balance, muscle recovery, detoxing, and much more. So many places are cropping up all over the country that offer both, so I think a really fun gift for someone who’s into health and wellness would be a gift certificate for a sauna or cold plunge session!

A Virtual Healing Session with Erin Yee

I think this a really fun gift for a sober curious person in your life. Erin is based in Ojai, which is where I have been seeing her–and she’s incredible. She also does energy healing sessions virtually, and I always feel so blissed out when I end my sessions with her. But also, it would be an opportunity to dive into their personal journey with sober curiosity and overcome any challenges with it.

Sober Curious Welcome Pack

Here’s the perfect gift to entice their taste buds as they explore sober curiosity. Better Rhodes offers a really unique Sober Curious Elevated Welcome Pack, which has everything from ready-to-drink cans of bubbly, hoppy, sweet, or citrusy plus two alcohol-free wines!

Not Drinking Tonight by Amanda White

This is a really great book written by a licensed therapist that has a ton of tips and tricks and personal stories for exploring a sober curious lifestyle. It’s almost like a handbook and guide all in one.

For the person who’s always looking for adventure:

Astrocartography Reading

I had an astrocartography reading with Worldly Astrology recently, and it absolutely blew my mind. Astrocartography is the idea that, based on your astrology signs, there are places in the world that not only would be more harmonious for you to live, but also where you’ll find more success, where you’ll find more community, and even more fertility.

Rumpl Puffy Blanket

I always have one of these in my car! This adventure-encouraging blanket has the vibe of a sleeping bag where you can stuff it down really small into a sack or keep it in your car, so you always have a blanket on hand. But unlike a sleeping bag, it opens up entirely, so it’s perfect for a picnic blanket or wrap it around yourself and a friend while watching the sunset or stargazing.

Probiotic Underarm Toner

This product has completely changed my life. I discovered this on TikTok and was like, there’s no way this works. The promise is that you spray the toner in your armpits, let it dry, and then put on whatever deodorant you like, and it makes it so you don’t smell when you go on hikes or go camping. I was skeptical, but it really works so well AND the ingredients list is amazing and all completely Liz Moody approved.

Bluejay Electric Bike

If there’s somebody very special in your life who’s eco-conscious, an adventurer, and deserves some splurging on, get them an electric Bluejay bike. They will love you and be so appreciative. I love my Bluejay bike because it is SO cute but has all of the functionality of the bulkier electric bikes. Bluejay has a vintage looking vibe and makes me feel so cute riding around town in, plus the battery lasts forever.

Use code LIZ10 for 10% off your purchase!

Beis Weekender Bag

Beis makes the best bags that I have ever seen anywhere, and their weekender bag is just ideal. It holds so many shoes, it holds so much clothing. It has the little back strap, so you can slide it over the handle of a suitcase for convenient travel. It’s absolutely wonderful.

Epic Hikes of the World Book

This adventure-inspiring book by Lonely Planet has stories of 50 incredible hiking routes in 30 different countries, from New Zealand to Peru. From day trips to urban trails to month-long hikes, this is a great coffee table book for any adventure lover.

Cadence Capsules

These little magnetic leak proof containers are phenomenal for traveling with supplements and your favorite shampoo and conditioner. They replace all of the old school toiletry bottles from CVS or Target that get gross after one use. They comes in all sorts of gorgeous colors and are so functional and are designed to use over and over again. The adventurer in your life will absolutely love it!

Jewelry Organizer

This jewelry organizer has changed my life and kept me so much more organized while traveling and living nomadically. It is slim, compact, easy to travel with and most importantly has kept my beloved jewelry in so much better shape.

Parks Project Fleece Pullover

I love Parks Project because their materials are 100% recycled and everything you buy supports our national parks. I love the Butterflies Trail Fleece, which is essentially a pullover fleece with big butterflies all over it. It is so cute. I am obsessed with it.

Vuori Performance Joggers

Adventure lovers LOVE to be comfy, so I have to shout out to the Vuori performance joggers. These are the comfiest, cutest joggers in the world. They are perfect for for plane rides, hanging around your Airbnb, heading to the farmers market. If the person on your list loves to be comfy but also look really cute, the Vuori performance joggers are the way to go.

For the happy homebody:

Candle warmer lamp

This is the most genius invention ever and no one is talking about it. It looks like a lamp, except for the bulb is very small, and then there’s a place for the candle to melt. It makes the whole room smell like your candle, but because you’re never actually burning it and creating smoke, it’s healthier for you.

Non toxic Goop candle

You’ll need the perfect healthy candle to go inside their new candle warmer lamp. My favorite candle in the entire world is the Goop Edition 2 candle. It smells like a 5-star hotel lobby. AND, it says all of the specific essential oils and natural ingredients included that are Liz Moody approved.

BjornQorn Popcorn

If the person on your list loves to stay home and watch movies, they need this healthy, fancy popcorn. It is the best popcorn in the entire world. The tin is adorable and comes in a trio of three flavors: classic, chili crisp, and maple.

Big Wall Decor Art Work

Big Wall Art has thousands of different pieces of art on their site, and they’re all absolutely stunning and budget friendly. It’s some of the chicest art that I’ve seen anywhere, and I think it’d be so cool to gift somebody a beautiful statement piece for their home or a gift certificate so that they can pick out something that they want themselves.

Baggu Bath Towel

Showering is one of those things we all do every single day, so finding a way to spark a little bit of joy with this ritualized thing is such a wonderful way to boost our mental health and mood! Their towels are 100% organic and come in some of the most fun and beautiful designs. My favorite one is pictured above.

Nécessaire Eucalyptus Body Wash

The eucalyptus body wash by Nécessaire is my absolute favorite. It smells so good and is the most moisturizing body wash I have ever put on my body. I also think they’d be a beautiful gift for a homebody also because the packaging is very elevated.

Custom Neon Sign

Getting someone a custom neon sign with a special mantra or phrase on it would be such a fun gift idea. You can make it custom or choose from their creations!

Caro Chambers Cooking Club Subscription

I’m personally giving this to a number of people in my life this year. My friend, Carolyn Chambers has an amazing newsletter called “What To Cook?” that helps alleviate decision fatigue by giving you a delicious fool proof recipe every week. She has a really cute little gift card that you can print out from her site when you order it.

Portable Sauna

A portable sauna is a wonderful gift for a homebody because there’s all of the known health benefits of sauna-ing, plus it’s also one of those gifts that just gives the gift of relaxation time and time again. I like this one from Therasage the best!

We’re All in This Together Conversation Deck

This year, we released a BRAND NEW deck of journal prompts for creating your healthiest, happiest life! Unlike other journaling questions, these are grounded in the latest scientific research to help you uncover what you want your life to look like—and then actually take the action steps to get there!

Graza Drizzle & Sizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pack

This pack of olive oil is super beautiful, super functional, and super high-quality. One of the easiest ways to supercharge our health is by cooking with mono-varietal Spanish olive oil from this particular olive, which has even more health benefits than other olive oil has! We learned all about it on this ask the doctor episode!

Preserved Flower Bouquet

This company does the most beautiful arrangements, and I think it would be absolutely stunning to give a gift of a bouquet of flowers that lasts forever and ever.

For the person who’s ambitious in all parts of their life:

Tripod standing desk

I think for anybody who works from home or wants to try out standing and working, this is an incredible gift idea.

Jules Acree Notion Template

This is the perfect gift for someone who’s starting their own business or just loves to be organized. I am obsessed with Notion and use it for my personal and professional life. Basically, it’s an app you can organize your entire life with it. And the Notion Templates basically come pre-organized for your Notion and you get a weekly planning dashboard and ways to organize your goals, to-do lists, and more.

Terrazzo MacBook Case

I get comments every single time I share my MacBook case on Instagram, which is from Terrazzo. They have a ton of fun colors and patterns, and I just think this would be such a wonderful gift. Somebody can look at it every single day that they use their computer and think of how much they love you.

Organic Olivia Right Mind Tea

The Organic Olivia tea line is one of my favorite tea lines that I have come across in recent years. I think that the Right Mind Tea would be such a good gift. It’s an herbal tea designed to center your mind, promote presence, help you focus, and feel calm.

Therapy Dough

This company makes a dough that is modeled after the clay that’s used by art therapists. And then they infuse it with essential oils for stress relief. Everything is organic. They come in the prettiest colors. And you can just kind of keep it on your desk and play with it to help you focus.

Working Together Conversation Deck

A perfect gift for co-workers, employees, or like-minded working friends—this deck has questions designed to facilitate mentorship, daylight working styles, serve as ice breakers at meetings, and make happy hour way more fun. 

Seed Daily Synbiotic

Seed’s DS-01 Daily Synbiotic is a game changer in terms of taking care of your mental health and your entire body health. If you’ve ever thought about getting Seed as a gift for somebody, or as a gift for yourself, they’re giving us the biggest discount yet!

Use code LIZMOODY25 for 25% off

Mark and Graham Commute Clutch

This is perfect for anybody in your life who’s back and forth to work or who just needs to get a little bit more organized and have all of their accessories in one place. You can also get these monograms which I always think is such a nice touch.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich

There is one book that has completely changed my life this year, and I think this would make a great gift for an ambitious person, but also for everyone. I did a podcast with the author of this book. It’s a money guide that straightforwardly says, “Here’s what you should do with your money. It’s not complicated. It’s not confusing.” And it also really changed how I approach money in my life.

For the person who always looks fabulous:

The Sleepy Tie

The Sleepy Tie is made out of satin. It kind of looks like too big scrunchies put together, but essentially you wrap your hair around it and it preserves your blowout or hairstyle so your hair looks fabulous when you wake up in the morning.

Erin Fader Gold Chain Necklace

This is the kind of piece that just immediately makes your outfit look super cool, and I get compliments on mine every time I wear it.

Other pieces I’m loving:

Gothic Initials Necklace

Queen of the Disco Necklace

J’Adore Star Tarot Card Necklace

Personal Style Consult

This would be such a perfect gift for anybody who’s trying to explore style or anybody who feels like their wardrobe needs a little bit of a refresh. I love gifting this to new moms in my life just to help them get back in touch with themselves as an individual.

Ottway Rarebird Jacket

I think this jacket would be such a special statement piece to gift anybody in your life. They have ones for men and ones for women. It’s made from vegan suede and has a Boho-Montana vibe. It is so soft and comfortable.

Turkishmoon by Ruya Robe

These robes are made by a small business, you’re not going to see anything like it in stores which just makes it extra special and extra unique. It is the robe of my dreams. It is soft, it is washable. You can put it in the washer and the dryer. It’s totally fine. It’s airy and breathable yet warm and cozy enough. Whoever you’re gifting it to will LOVE you for it!

Saie Slip Tint

If you know somebody who either has or hasn’t gotten on the sunscreen every single day trend, this would be an amazing gift to give them because it makes it pleasurable and nice to put on sunscreen every day. It has amazing ingredients and makes the skin really soft. Most importantly, It doesn’t dry it out which is really uncommon for a zinc sunscreen.

Dr. Whitney Bowe Bundle

If you listened to this debunking skincare myths episode (which was one of the most downloaded this year), you got to hear all of Dr. Whitney’s amazing wisdom. Her Bowe Bundle would be an amazing gift. It has the Bowe Glow microbiome nourishing cream and the Bowe Grow Elixir, which amazing for skin health.

French Girl Lip Tint

This is essentially a tinted Chapstick with beautiful color. I love the packaging and branding plus the best ingredients list that I have ever seen on a tinted Chapstick. It’s a hero product that I use on my lips and my cheeks!

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  1. Kori Hayne Avatar
    Kori Hayne

    Hi Liz!
    I love your gift guide recommendations for this year. This is such a well thought out lists of products and services. I do have a question for you! When you travel on a plane with the weekender beis bag – is it an appropriate size for a carry on? or Do you use it as a checked bag? also, I love the beige color but I wonder if its easy to clean?

    I appreciate your time!
    Thank you (:

    1. Liz Moody Avatar
      Liz Moody

      Hey Kori,

      I’m so glad you love the gift guide recs! Yes, The Weekender bag is designed for carry-on. I love the beige color, but wouldn’t recommend checking it because it’d likely get dirty. PERFECT for carry on or road trip though!

      xo, Liz

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