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4 Healthy holiday mocktails For digestion, mood, & Glowing skin!

If you’re not yet obsessed with healthy holiday mocktails, get ready to have your life changed. And if you already are—well, cheers to a holiday season filled with delicious ones that will help you forget that you’re not even drinking alcohol! Raise a glass with me and say: We don’t need alcohol to be charming or fun to be around!! To get in the spirit, I highly recommend making one (or five) of my healthy holiday mocktail recipes for your upcoming parties. These are exactly the sort of festive beverages I’ll be sipping on throughout the season to boost my mood, make my skin glow, and de-bloat from all of the delicious food I’ll be eating!

What makes these holiday mocktail recipes healthy?

To turn these delicious, holiday mocktails into super healthy mocktails that’ll add benefits to our bodies, we’ll basically turn our simple syrup into an opportunity to make a decoction. A decoction is an herbalism word that means you boil herbs and spices long enough to reap all of their therapeutic benefits. Decoctions are used in traditional herbal medicine practices all around the world. Decoctions are often used for their therapeutic effects and medicinal properties, like digestion, respiratory issues, skin health, immunity, and so much more. So, these aren’t just healthy mocktails that take the refined sugar out. We’re also adding in a bunch of herbalism-approved health benefits with our simple syrup decoction! Then, these healthy mocktail recipes utilize blood sugar stabilizing apple cider vinegar, which has also been linked in studies around weight loss and de-bloating.


christmas mocktail recipe

The base of this cranberry Christmas mocktail is a Rosemary Cinnamon Maple Simple Syrup that’s absolutely delicious and gives you that hug-in-a-cup vibe. The simple syrup recipe makes four servings, which can be made up to a week ahead of time and stored in the fridge.


The flavors in this winter mocktail recipe are so warm, sweet, spiced and citrusy. It’s the perfect drink for winter and has old fashioned with a Middle Eastern twist vibes. If you’re more of a cranberry cocktail drinker, check out my Cranberry Rosemary Digestive Mocktail recipe! It’s also so, so good for you.

winter mocktail recipe

Instead of an Espresso Martini: CREAMY ESPRESSO MOCKTINI

espresso martini mocktail

If you’re on the espresso martini bandwagon but cutting down your alcohol intake, this healthy espresso martini mocktail deserves a spot in your holiday drink rotation. Delicious and healthy ingredients like white tea and coffee promote longevity, glucose regulation, mood improvement, and more. ⁣This healthy non-alcohol espresso martini is perfect for your next holiday party.

Instead of a sugary pumpkin cocktail: PUMPKIN ORANGE SAFFRON MOCKTAIL

pumpkin mocktail recipe

The days are colder and shorter, so we need something to perk us up! You’re going to love this Pumpkin Orange Saffron Mocktail. It features one of the most under-rated, yet science-backed mood-boosting ingredients: saffron.

More healthy mocktail recipes to try:

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