7 Healthy Freezer Burritos to Make for the Coziest Fall Meal Prep

Seven of the best healthy freezer burritos to make for the coziest fall meal prep! From global fusion-inspired burritos to classic comfort food, these make ahead breakfast burritos are perfect for a healthy breakfast, lunch, or dinner and are made in just one pan. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and dairy free options included.

freezer burritos

Let’s start the fall season off with these healthy freezer burrito recipes that you guys are going to be wowed by. Fall is the perfect time to let go of old habits and start building new ones that really resonate with your goals for the future. One of the best healthy habits you can do for yourself is to always have a nourishing, ready-to-go meal in the freezer for whenever you get hungry. This will help you avoid standing in the kitchen and downing a whole bag of chips and a pint of ice cream (though I totally support that–it’s all about balance, people!) when you wanted to eat healthy.

These freezer burritos are great for feeding yourself and your family on busy weeknights. They’re full of plant based protein, veggies, healthy fats, and fiber to help keep the blood sugar stable. Plus, they’re DELICIOUS and are some of my top trending recipes on TikTok with over 2 million views AND your number one recipe from 2021 by popular vote. I have a good feeling that these healthy meal prep recipes will earn a staple spot in your weekly rotation.

Are freezer burritos healthy?

Make ahead freezer burritos are a staple in our wellness arsenal. I’d even go as far to say they’re a healthy hack to making eating healthy sustainable long-term, especially when we’re nomading! And if you meal prep them for breakfast, you get in more nutrient-rich vegetables, herbs, and spices before noon than most people get in an entire day. It’s all the benefits I rave about with green smoothies in burrito form! The results of having veggie-packed breakfasts are literally life-changing for our gut health. Just listen to my Healthier Together podcast episode with Dr. Ranjan Chatterjee to hear how eating vegetables for breakfast positively impacts our gut microbiomes and can help with stomach issues like bloating, digestion, constipation, and metabolism.

Can I make these freezer burritos gluten free?

You can make every freezer burrito on this listen gluten free and grain free! Picking the perfect tortilla for your burrito is key to it either being a success or falling apart. I personally rely on the burrito-sized tortillas from Siete, which are made from cassava flour. They’re grain free, gluten free, vegan, dairy free, soy free, and non-GMO. You can find them in most refrigerated sections of your health food store.

To get the tortillas warmed up and ready to roll, I place mine in a heated oven for a few minutes until it becomes pliable right before I’m ready to assemble (if they cool down, they’ll harden and break). You could also heat them on the stovetop by heating a pan over medium-high for a few minutes and then warming the tortilla for 15 seconds on each side (until the tortilla rises in bubbles).

How to store and reheat freezer burritos

After meal prepping your freezer burritos, you just roll each one individually in tinfoil. Whenever you’re in the mood, simply grab one out of the freezer and heat it either in the oven or microwave. Here’s how:

In the oven: keep the burrito in the foil and heat it at 350 degrees Farenheit for 20 minutes, or until warmed through.

In the microwave: remove the foil and microwave it in a damp paper towel in 30-second increments until warmed through.

I’m so excited for you to meal prep these freezer burritos, so please share your creations with me on Instagram! I can’t wait to see!

1. Sweet and Spicy Thai Satay Freezer Burritos (V)

thai freezer burrito

You’re going to love these vegan Sweet and Spicy Thai Satay Freezer Burritos that’s a nutrient-packed breakfast (or weeknight dinner) that brings delicious global flavor to make meal prep interesting! The creamy texture of the peanut sauce with the crispy chickpeas and roasted vegetables is so delicious, you’re going to be obsessed. While you enjoy the flavors of other cultures, might we recommend this podcast episode where Zack and I share about our moving abroad journey?

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2. Rosemary Sweet Potato Breakfast Burritos (VT)

rosemary sweet potato breakfast burritos

This vegetarian breakfast burrito recipe is loaded with deliciously spiced sweet potatoes and new potatoes, fluffy scrambled eggs, fresh rosemary, and black beans. It will become your new favorite breakfast meal prep for busy mornings and will fill your body with protein and amazing nutrients for energy. Plus, you’ll learn how to turn your potatoes into a weight-loss friendly food with the blood sugar hack we learned from the Healthier Together Podcast!

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3. Mushroom Pizza Freezer Burritos (VT)

pizza freezer burritos

These vegetarian and optionally dairy free Pizza Freezer Burritos deliver on that classic take-out flavor taste with ease and a boost of nutrients. This recipe uses sun-dried tomatoes and hemp hearts to create a super flavorful pizza sauce (with a hefty dose of protein to boot!) while umami-rich mushrooms and white beans make a hearty, high protein filling, and super finely chopped basil and oregano add freshness and classic pizza flavor. ⁣

If you’re looking for the perfect budget friendly, vegan recipe for having friends over, these are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

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4. Curry-Spiced Cauliflower Chickpea Freezer Burritos (V)

The spices in these Curry Spiced Freezer Burritos are based on the combinations used in traditional Indian curries, and are what really make these burritos obsession-worthy. You won’t believe how much flavor is in every bite! Plus, we add in cauliflower’s anti-inflammatory abilities that help boost immunity and chickpeas that are proven to improve digestion thanks to their high fiber content. So delicious, these are a must-make.

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5. Sweet Potato and Black Bean Freezer Burritos (V)

sweet potato black bean burritos

These delicious Sweet Potato and Black Bean Freezer Burritos are made with just five ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry, which makes them one of my FAVORITE budget friendly healthy recipes. You’ll just need some sweet potatoes, onions, black beans, and warming spices like chipotle powder. And if you happen to have some in the fridge, I love topping these burritos with a little bit of salsa for a punch of flavor!

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6. Falafel-Spiced Freezer Burritos (V)

These Falafel inspired burritos are loaded with perfectly spiced veggies, plant-based protein from chickpeas, fresh herbs like parsley and cilantro, and a dash of THE BEST homemade hummus. Don’t worry, we’re not making actual falafel for these burritos – we’re way too lazy for that here. We’ll just toss chickpeas (which are falafel’s main ingredient) with a ton of delicious falafel spices. *Chefs kiss*. Learn more about the power of herbs in this podcast episode with Organic Olivia.

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7. Pesto Freezer Burritos (VT)

pesto freezer burritos

You know the pesto eggs that went viral on TikTok? These Healthy Pesto Freezer Burritos take that same technique—using the oil in pesto to fry eggs—but instead of frying eggs, this recipe uses the oil in pesto to roast the veggies! What you get is a Healthy Pesto Freezer Burrito that has a bright, herby flavor plus lemon juice and zest to make it taste more gourmet AND add vitamin c and skin-brightening flavonoids!

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