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Jesse Tyler Ferguson On Finding Confidence, Remaining Resilient, Building Strong Relationships, & More

Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson discusses the importance of empathy, dealing with rejection, his relationship secrets, raising children, living in the spotlight and more.

  • Jesse’s secrets to confidence
  • How he developed empathy in hindsight for his parents, which I think is a concept a lot of us could benefit from
  • Which one of his characters is the most like him
  • How to not get disheartened while doing activism work
  • The secret to making people who disagree with you see your point of view
  • His best advice for dealing with rejection and failure
  • His secrets to relationship happiness after 10 years of marriage
  • How he fits kids into his life, versus vice versa
  • The ups and downs of life in the spotlight
  • His journey to drinking less + how he relaxes without alcohol
  • And so much more!

For more from Jesse, you can find him on Instagram @jessetyler or visit his website where you can purchase his cookbook Food Between Friends and listen to his podcast Dinner’s on Me with Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

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